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Coach, Has this ever happened to you?

It’s the 4th quarter and your biggest rival is easily marching down the field – getting 1st down after 1st down – and your team can’t stop them! This nightmare happens all of the time even at the highest level. Remember when Brady came back from a 28-3 deficit and won Super Bowl 51! Defenses become defenseless when they just can’t keep up with the pressure from a relentless offense!

Every coach worries if their team has the 4th quarter endurance to be fast and explosive and make plays when the game is on the line.

Or, does every athlete on the team have the long-term strength, speed, and power to play at their absolute best over the course of a long and grueling season?

The fact is you don’t want to be wondering if your team will win or lose the biggest championship game of the year in front of their friends and family sitting in the sold-out stands!

The truth is that most football programs don’t get it right when they train athletes. They only think about the next game or even getting them ready for practice each week. Every good coach knows the real key to a winning season is giving athletes the grit to train, practice and play – week-in-and-week-out – and this only happens when they keep the big picture in mind!

Let me be completely honest with you. Being responsible for a team winning or losing or getting athletes ready to play their absolute best on the field – is a huge responsibility. The school, the parents, and the players are looking at YOU for the right answers. And, truthfully, the winning formula isn’t something that just magically happens – it has to be perfected over years and years of experience and trial-and-error – with a TON of costly mistakes made.

The NEW Winning Formula
For Football Coaches!

To be a great coach it takes a plan, a system of training, structured workouts that have been built through experience and in-the-trenches hard work, and a ‘beginner’s mindset’ to always want to learn more and get better. This will throw uncertainty out the window, give the coach unparalleled confidence to lead their team to victory and get every player to step up and perform at their best for every single training session, practice, and game.

The reality is, the worst thing that could ever happen for a coach is having a team full of athletes that have amazing natural talents and great abilities but they don’t have the strength, power, speed and endurance to excel on the field.

Unfortunately, many coaches believe their program is already world-class and that they have nothing to learn. These coaches basically STOP learning and think they know everything. It takes them years to get ahead and they can’t ever get out of their own way to actually figure out how to win. What these “guru’s” don’t understand is that everyone suffers if they let their ‘ego’ get in the way – the players, the parents, AND the coach themselves!

The real question is are you the kind of coach that likes to win?

In fact, the right strength and conditioning program can:

  • Take average players and make them good,
  • Take good players and make them great, and
  • Take great players and make them legendary.

And, if you get it right, you will not only help your athletes perform at their absolute best, something else is going to happen that you might not have never imagined.

Your athletes will start believing that they can count on you no matter what and that YOU have all of the right answers. They will become fully committed to your program and give you everything they’ve got every single snap!

This is where everything changes because when you are a coach that has all of the solutions, you will be able to step into the weight room with confidence and command the whole room. You will be the coach you’ve always wanted to be!

Learn The
Secrets Of A
Winning Program
That Dominates
the Competition!

Taking an athlete’s performance to another level and creating a world-class program requires a coach to completely rebuild everything from the ground-up and develop systems to use from the time their athletes walk into the gym, until the time they leave (AND what they need to do after they get home).

But, that’s not everything. It is not enough to just get a system to use because it will never become YOUR program. A good coach will also want to understand the ‘science’ behind what they’re doing or they will never be able to understand the “why” of everything that was put into the workouts.

A system like this would really be the “game changer” and the solution you’ve been waiting for, especially if you’ve always wanted to jump light years ahead and avoid the mistakes most “guru” coaches make – because they’re too stubborn to learn the right way to train athletes.

Well, there’s good news. We have the solution and now you will too!


The Complete CPPS Football

Winning is not about any fancy gadgets or training ‘hacks,’ it’s about mastering the fundamentals of better movement, strength, speed, agility, explosive power, reaction, conditioning, and recovery. Oh yeah, and for elite athletes, even mastering the combine tests.

Great coaches know this is really where greatness is created – consistent hard work on the basics combined with a relentless work ethic and using a sound program that has been proven to work over-and-over again.

Introducing the new CPPS Football Certification.
It truly is the most comprehensive football training system every put together

and after you register today, it is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. No stone has been left unturned because every single aspect of training football players the right way is covered in this unparalleled system of training that is built on our proven 6-Tier protocol.

We’ve smashed through your hardest obstacles and eliminated your biggest fears. No more uncertainty of wondering if your program is going to actually work. No more misunderstanding of long-term development for your athletes and how to make an effective change to your program right now. No more lack of understanding of how to build strength, power, or speed to help good players get great. It is all built into this one-of-a-kind football training system.

You’ll be amazed, if not shocked, when you register today and discover:

The Powerful CPPS
6-Tier Protocol

The powerful 6-Tier Protocol forms the foundation of the entire CPPS Football Certification and each of these pillars of athletic development are essential to every player’s performance. In this system, the 12-month CPPS football training philosophy will cover athletic development over the course of an entire year and will reveal the critical balance between recovery and strength training. Driven by the world-renowned CPPS programming model, the groundwork will be placed for athletes to build (and be able to display) insane levels of explosive power and blazing speed.

Creating Champions With
12-Months Of Proven
Training Templates

Training football players can be very complicated; especially if you want to make real changes, get real results, and make a difference in the lives of every single player on your team.

That is why we’ve taken out all of the guesswork in our follow-along step-by-step training system and given you actual templates that you will use for the entire year! Yes, 12 months of actual workout templates and the most effective warm-ups protocols that you will ever use – from the off-season all the way back into in-season training. (Knowing how to train your athletes in-season is one of the biggest training myths that most coaches mess up!)

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Buddy Morris Strength Coach, Arizona Cardinals Joe and Smitty's programming and efforts are seen in the success of athletes from low level qualifications to the highest level of sports mastery. I have spent countless hours reading and watching their videos and each time I come away knowing that I've increased my knowledge and understanding of physical preparation. I have the utmost respect and admiration for these two men.
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    Dave Diehl I approached Joe DeFranco my rookie year because of the incredible reputation he had throughout NFL locker rooms. I hired him to help me achieve three main goals; I wanted to have a ten-year NFL career, win a Superbowl and become All-Pro. Eleven years, two Superbowl rings and two Pro Bowls later - Joe didn't only help me accomplish my goals - he helped me EXCEED them! When it comes to football preparation, there aren't many better than Joe D.
    • NY Giants (2003 - 2013)
    • 2X Superbowl Champion
    • NFL All-Pro Team (2009)
    • NFL Pro Bowl (2010)
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    Mark Ehnis Owner PowerStrength Training Systems, Grand Rapids, MI We have been utilizing the CPPS Football curriculum and techniques with our youth, high school, college, and NFL athletes since 2012. It has helped produce the most All-Conference athletes, All-State athletes, and College scholarships in our area. From youth football players to the pro’s, the CPPS Football course will help coaches design, implement, and deliver safe, effective, and TRANSFERABLE results. Every football and S&C coach should scour this course if they want to cement a successful athletic foundation for all of their athletes!

      Inside Of This World- Renowned System You'll Immediately Discover The Difference the CPPS Football Certification Will Make In the Lives Of Your Athletes, Your Program, and Your Business:

      img description
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      $797 TUITION

      The Proven
      CPPS Football Certification includes:

      • Proven Recovery and Restoration Protocols
      • Exact Strategies to Master the Combine Tests
      • In-Season Programming Template
      • Early-Off Season Programming Template
      • Off-Season Programming Template
      • Pre-Season Programming Template
      • Pre-Combine Template
      • The Top 8 Blazing Speed Acceleration Drills
      • The Top 10 Power & Speed Drills for Skill Players
      • The Top 10 Power & Speed Drills for Linemen
      • Actual Live Footage of NFL Athlete Workouts
      • Energy System Training & Conditioning for Football
      • The Proven SB911 Program
      • 39 Video Modules and Over 12+ Hours of Footage!



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      The Complete
      Training System
      You've Been

      The Most POWERFUL Templates, Programs & Workouts For Training Football Players Ever Created!

      This is easily the best 168 pages (full color manual shipped right to your house), 39 simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply video modules (with 12+ hours of footage), 12 months of actual workout templates, Combine testing tips & tricks, and live workout footage – ever compiled for training football players and taking athletic performance to another level.

      The CPPS Football Certification will completely revolutionize your program and will become your best resource for understanding how to combine the science of training with actual in-the-trenches experience – making YOU the expert coach you’ve always wanted to be.

      This is the proven training model that has helped football players get bigger so they can block opponents, faster so they outrun defenders, and stronger and more explosive to be able to cut on a dime and get open for a pass.

      This simple straightforward system of training has been perfected by two pioneers in the strength & conditioning field with over the last 40+ years combined experience and has been used to train high school athletes, college athletes, and even pro NFL players!

      What You’ll Get With
      The New CPPS Football Certification

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      The CPPS Football Manual is the centerpiece of the entire CPPS Football Certification. At 168 pages, the CPPS Football manual covers the 6-Tiers Protocol of athletic strength development and performance training for football players at all levels, including the CPPS training philosophy, the most effective restoration modalities, strength development, speed training, power training, real-world agility training, efficient programming models, and mastery of the Combine tests. This full-color manual comes with our best-of-the-best templates, programs, and workouts for football players and covers an entire year of training! It is the perfect complement to use with the CPPS Football video modules to help bring your football program up to a world-class level.

      The Complete CPPS Football Certification


      MODULE 1:

      CPPS Football Training Philosophy with Yearly Plan

      Module 10:

      Strength Training Fundamentals: Mastering the "Big 3" Barbell Lifts

      Module 26:

      Strategies for Effectively Training Large Groups

      Module 27:

      Outfitting Your High School / Collegiate / Pro Weight Room

      Module 28:

      The Importance of Neutral Priming for Performance

      Module 29:

      Developing Effective Warm-up Protocols for Training vs. Game Time

      Module 30:

      Practical Energy System Training for Football

      Module 32:

      Regressions and Progressions Protocols for Optimizing Workouts

      Module 33:

      Programming Considerations for Quarterbacks

      The Complete
      CPPS Football Certification

      The Definitive Football Training System For Developing Strength, Power, Speed, and Sport-Specific Conditioning

      $797 TUITION



      Purchase Orders Available Upon Request

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      The CPPS Football Certification is tested & proven to help get your athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive. If you utilize the system consistently over the course of the training year, it will completely revolutionize your football program. If you honestly test out the system and it doesn’t work for you, then email our customer support team and we’ll refund your investment. We stand behind this product 100% and there is absolutely no risk. We guarantee this product’s effectiveness and are fully committed to your success.

      Get INSTANT Access To The
      Complete CPPS Football

      (PLUS the full color CPPS Football Manual will get shipped
      right to your house immediately!)

      After you register today and log into your personal dashboard, you will immediately see why the CPPS Football Certification is the solution for your program. We’ve literally left no stone unturned and covered every single aspect of football preparation.

      If you didn’t register today, the worst call we could ever get from you next year would be if your athletes didn’t play up to their potential and underperformed in January. Especially when we’re giving a complete system that will revamp your entire program.

      I want a call from you in January telling me that this was the best investment you’ve ever made, your team played to their full potential, you’re putting up championship banners, and waiting for the engraving for your championship trophy come in!

      Our passion is training athletes and making them better and in the 39 video modules, over 12+ hours of footage, the full color CPPS Football manual, 12 months of workout templates, and all of the downloadable resources – you’ll see that we’ve put every bit of our 40+ years combined knowledge of strength and conditioning into this amazing resource.

      It’s time to change your program and the lives of your athletes. Don’t make the same mistakes we had to make in our programs to find out what works – get our complete systems, templates, and actual workouts to help your program go to another level and make YOU to go-to highly sought after coach you’ve always wanted to be.

      Seriously, you need to get this before a rival coach grabs the program!

      There is NO exam, there is NO travel, and there are NO deadlines. You simply register today and gain instant access to the best football program in the world today!

      $797 TUITION



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      Legal Disclaimer: Due to recent changes in law from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a "typical" result is. The results depicted on this website are actual results of real clients who followed the workouts and advice described in the CPPS Football Certification. If you don't do anything, you can expect no results. Consult your physician before starting a fitness program.